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The Whitening Pen - tooth bleaching - saves money, saves time, makes teeth white!

Everyone dreams about it: a radiant white smile and bright teeth, without having to spend loads of money on teeth bleaching at the dentist! Now, your dreams can come true. The Superweiss pen is the perfect solution for radiant white teeth for a good-value price.

Instead of home bleaching (bleaching your teeth at home) or power/office bleaching (having teeth bleached at the dentists), you can now use your Superweiss pen to bleach your teeth conveniently when out and about. This saves you the hassle of annoying appointments and wearing a tooth guard for hours on end.

Many causes of tooth discolouration

There are countless causes of tooth discolouration. For example: coffee, tea, tobacco or coloured foods which stain the teeth. Nicotine, caffeine or tannins are deposited in the crystalline structure of the tooth enamel. As well as this, discolouration can occur due to caries or malnutrition. As a solution to this health and aesthetic problem, almost every dental practice has been offering tooth bleaching for many years. With a few disadvantages.

All tooth bleaching methods to date have been:

- Complicated to carry out
- Relatively time-consuming
- Expensive
- Not suitable for everyday use

In comparison, our advantageous Superweiss pen:

+ Is extremely easy to use: dab onto teeth, smile for 30 seconds and you’re done
+ Takes just 1 minute a day
+ Can be used practically anywhere
+ Is low-cost

Maximum power with the highest safety standards!

The gel in the Superweiss Whitening Pen is the result of years of research and development. Our dental specialists are continuously working on a radiant smile for our customers. The Superweiss pen contains the same active ingredient that has long since been used in the USA for safe and effective tooth whitening. All in one small, elegant pen.

The bottom line: bleach your teeth in the blink of an eye!